History of the sociaty

The NGO Israeli Shagya Arab Horse Society was found by Prof. Dr. Hadj Ychyee (Neve Shalom), Rupert Adensamer (Vienna) and Michael Tropper (Kibbutz Nachshon) for the meaning of returning European modified Arab culture to the “Middle East”. This idea was based on an event 170 years ago when the Austrian-Hungarian Army imported the full blooded Arab horse stallion called Shagya from the Bedouin tribe Beni Saqr situated in Jordan in order to develop a modern all-round army horse. It was one of the first but most influential one of several expeditions to the “Middle East” and the result was the Shagya-Arab Horse breed. After the two World Wars this breed has been almost extinguished and the Shagya is considered as an endangered race but kept its reputation as ideal horse in the field of endurance until today.


In 2006 the ISAHS founders imported for that cultural reason Shagya Arab horses to Israel and Jordan and it had an important influence toward versatility of the horsemanship in the whole area immediately. The cultural exchange between ISAHS and Jordan is not important as a peace mission between Jews and Arabs only and breeding was not the meaning for itself: It is logic to widen the spectrum to the region and its people, namely to look for a cooperation with the different Bedouin tribes from the places from where this breed came from. The purpose consists in joining the highly developed Austrian-Hungarian breeding tradition, together with the Israeli technology in combination with the Bedouin roots in the Arab desert. The installed relation towards the Bedouins and the Kingdom of Jordan provides identity and legitimacy for the ISAHS and all partners, national or international, will experience a “come back” to the roots and happiness for the service on higher values.


Referring to this commitment the ISAHS built up its network with the ÖAZV (The Austrian Arab Horse Breeding Community) by sharing horses as the common base of interest. Through out these connections, the ISAHS has the structure that invites to take part in creative development programs in many different levels. It opens up the doors to different regions, views and possibilities and its new self-definition as a cultural as much as a development organization serves the breeding community in general.

The ISAHS is accepted since 2007 by the Israeli Government and since 2008 by the ISG (International Shagya Community).